IBIS TRAX-3D the leader in ballistics imaging and identification

The most advanced bullet acquisition station in the world

Frequently Asked Questions about IBIS TRAX-HD3D

The BULLETTRAX acquisition station is specialized for the entry of bullet information onto an IBIS network.

BULLETTRAX captures high-resolution 2D images and 3D topographic information of a bullet's lands and grooves. It produces an image strip representing a bullet's 360-degree circumference, or a combination of regions from a bullet's fragments.

Images from IBIS TRAX-HD3D | BULLETTRAX. Click images to enlarge.

The acquisition process is fully automated after the initial setup by the user. This reduces the operator's required training level, and produces consistent image quality. Complex algorithms track the bullet's surface by rotating and moving the bullet, and they precisely capture its markings and its shape at optimal focus and lighting settings.


  • High-resolution 2D images and accurate 3D topography at the nanometer level
  • Damaged bullets and fragments
  • 3600 wraparound
  • Universal cartridge case holder

Other Features:

  • Automated surface deformation tracking
  • Automated shoulder delimiter placement
  • Hands-off operation allows multitasking
  • Cut or button rifling, polygonal rifling, and smoothbore
  • Full range of calibers: .17 to .50
ISO Certification for Forensic Technology