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Aristotle, Vince Lombardi, Guns, and New Jersey

our law enforcement authorities must continue to deal with its messy aftermath every day

The issue of gun related violence continues to generate a fair amount of public attention since the tragic events at the Sandy Hook Elementary School well over a year ago. All the while the ensuing debate over potential solutions continues to be both acrimonious and polarizing.

While the discussion continues on how best to deal with the larger issue of gun violence in our society, the fact is that our law enforcement authorities must continue to deal with its messy aftermath every day.

Disarming America's Most Dangerous Gangs

The violent gang known as MS-13 originates from Central America

The Latin American gang Mara Salvatrucha, known as MS-13 is widely referred to as the most dangerous gang in America because of its involvement in serious transnational criminal activities, including murder, rape, kidnapping and other serious crimes.

Stopping Armed Criminals: For What it’s Worth

aremd criminals repeat crimes until they are caught

The following examples demonstrate that certain criminals and their associates will engage in repeated acts of gun violence until they are ultimately identified by police and stopped.

But We Don’t Have the Resources! – Or do we?

Let 2014 be the year to innovate the ballistics unit

In 1980, on a Friday night in New Haven, Connecticut, about two weeks before Christmas, a man named Perry Farnham was shot to death in the garage bay of his waste management business.

New Ballistics Technology Helps Fire Up 20 Year Old Cold Case

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This is a story about tenacity and crime solving. 

The Seven Deadly Sins of Forensic Crime Solving

The seven deadly sins of forensic crime-solving

I have spent the last 44 years closely tied with forensics. Whether it was during my time in law enforcement, or my years in the private business sector, I have worked with, interacted with, and managed forensic crime solving operations.

“Buckle-up Crime Solving” with NCIC, eTrace and NIBIN

when properly managed, programs like NIBIN help police be more effective at identifying and stopping armed criminals

Back in June, I wrote a piece entitled: Solving More Gun Crime: Fasten Your Seatbelts?

Criminal Impunity Fuels The Most Dangerous Places on Earth

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An hour later we returned to our hotel and the murder scene was still active. I walked down a narrow sidewalk to get a closer look. In my rudimentary Spanish, I asked a young man selling avocados "Qué pasó?"

Solving More Gun Crime: Fasten Your Seatbelts?

When properly managed, entering more data into NIBIN solves more crime.

I saw an investigative report last week from Station WKYC-TV in Cleveland that really made me stop and think. Not so much about seatbelts, but I will get to that later.

Police Protecting the Caribbean: Who's Protecting Them?

‘We came to Bermuda, committed to better safeguarding our people, we have shared actions, initiatives, legislation and solutions, all of us leave better equipped to deal with the problems we face in our own country...’.

I just read a press release from the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police (ACCP) summing up the program at their recent conference in Bermuda the theme of which was focused on Police and Public Partnerships: Prevention, Intervention and Enforcement Strategies to Tackle Gang and Youth Violence.

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